KDJ Architects formerly Kreg T. Jones Architecture is celebrating their 10th anniversary. With over 150 built projects and designs ranging from high-end homes to a football stadium to horse arenas to master plans for schools and universities, KDJ Architects is as versatile as they are creative.

041Kreg T. Jones, AIA, Principal Partner

The KDJ Architects team is led by Kreg T. Jones. Kreg has a bachelor’s degree in business finance and began his career as a builder in Alaska and Montana. After running his own construction business for fifteen years, Kreg pursed a Master’s in Architecture which he earned from the University of Idaho. He first worked as a Project Architect for John G. Waite Associates in New York where he specialized in historic preservation and restoration. Some of his projects included turning a 1700’s tavern into a museum and transforming a historic cathedral into a performing arts center. In 2005, Kreg returned to his native state of Montana, became a licensed architect and began Kreg T. Jones Architecture. Kreg was awarded “Businessman of the Year” by the Dillon Chamber of Commerce in 2016 for his outstanding contributions to the community. Kreg’s passion is to design homes that can be built for a reasonable price, that are comfortable to live in and that are uniquely designed for the individual client. He thrives on solving problems, building a quality product and paying close attention to the details that make a home beautiful.







Dr. Danielle Jones, Principal Partner

Danielle Jones has a Ph.D. in English from SUNY-Albany. She was a professor of American and Russian Literature for many years before joining Kreg’s growing business. She now leads the interior design team, client consultations and oversees marketing and hiring. Kreg and Danielle have been married for nineteen years and have two children, Angelika and Sergei. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking, visiting museums and art galleries and traveling. The family has had the opportunity to visit many foreign countries, in particular, Russia. Danielle and her children speak Russian in the home, and she has translated a book of Russian literature into English: Skaz: Masters of Russian Storytelling. She also has a forthcoming memoir, Mother Russia, Father Time.